Spanische Abkürzungen

Diese Seite enthält eine Liste der gängigen Abkürzungen, die Spanier auf Ra verwenden. Quelle

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CoR/RO: Champions of Regnum/Regnum Online. The game you're playing. ^^

GM/GC: GameMaster/Game Counselor. (GC also has another use, see below)

aca/acá : Means "here" in South American Spanish. On Haven it is commonly used to indicate an ennemy is in sight (when it's used alone) or at a specific location (when the name of said location is used after it).

inc : Incomming.

Goats/Blues : Terms used to refer to Alsius players.

Gelfs/Gelves/Greens : Terms used to refer to Syrtis players.

Pigs/Tomatoes/Reds : Terms used to refer to Ignis players.

Multi : Multirealmer. Used to refer to people that play in more than one realm.

Zerg : Term used to refer to a large group of players. (A reference to the infamous race encountered in Starcraft.)

WM : Warmaster.

WMC : Warmaster Coins.

RP(s) : Realm Points.

(E)xp : Experience Points.

Warju/Warjurer : A conjurer that plays offensively, rather than supporting his allies.

Knarb : A knight that focuses on offense, rather than support.

NPC : Non Playable Character.

GC : Guard Captain. A powerful NPC found in lvl 4 Forts and Castles. (Not to be confounded with Game Counselor)

Tnl: To next level.

AS/CS/MS : Respectively Attack, Casting and Movement Speed. (AS, CS and MS also have other uses, see below)

Const/Conc/Int/Str/Dext : Constitution, Concentration, Intelligence, Strength and Dexterity, the attributes found in Regnum.

DMG : Damage(s).

AP : Armor Points.

BP : Breastplate. An armor part for warriors and archers.

TK/Eve/Daen : Stand for Thorkul, Evendim and Daen Rah respectively. They are superbosses and can be found in the war zone.

PS ring : Power Smite Ring, a very powerful ring that can be obtained by defeating Thorkul.

RoL : Ring of Lightning. A useful ring obtained through quests.

DS Ring : Deadly Sight Ring. A useful ring obtained through quests.

WTB/WTS : Want to buy/Want to sell.

LF(B) : Looking For (Better).

Mg(s)/Mag(s) : Magnanite(s). They are commonly used as a currency for trading.

Xim(s) : Ximerin(s). Premium currency.

Wish : Dragon Wish. A temporary bonus granted as a reward by the Golden Dragon to a realm that managed to gather all the gems.

TDM/BZ : Stand for Team Deathmatch and Battlezones. Battlezones are closed instances where a limited number of players fight each other (as opposed to the open war zone). Team Deathmatch is currently the only mode playable in battlezones.


Sam, Meni, Shaan : Samal, Menirah and Shaanarid, Ignis' forts and castle.

Agg, Trell, Imp : Aggersborg, Trelleborg and Imperia, Alsius' forts and castle.

Herb, Alga, Efe : Herbred, Algaros, Eferias, Syrtis' forts and castle.

Pinos, Stone : Rarely used on Haven, refer to Aggersborg and Herbred respectively.

PN(1)/PN2 : Stands for "Puente Negro" (Black Bridge). PN (or PN1) is the bridge between Samal and Aggersborg, while PN2 is the bridge between Menirah and Imperia.

PB(1)/PB2 : Stands for "Puente Blanco" (White Bridge). PB (or PB1) is the bridge between Herbred and Samal, while PB2 is the bridge between Eferias and Shaanarid. (PB also has another use, see below)

PP(1)/PP2 : Stands for "Puente Pinos" (Pine Bridge). PP (or PP1) is the bridge between Aggersborg and Herbred, while PP2 is the bridge between Trelleborg and Algaros.

NZ/Noob Zone/Beginner Zone : The part of the map where a new player starts, and generally stays until lvl 10.

WZ: War Zone. The part of the map that is located behind each realm's great wall.

[Fort] Save : Refers to the altar located nearest to [Fort].

CS : Central Save. The altar that is located at the center of each realm's war zone. (Not to be confounded with Cast Speed)

OC : Orc Camp. Each realm has its own camp (found in WZ). Players are often found in Orc Camps, making them a popular place to visit during hunting parties.

SH : StoneHenge, a part of Syrtis' WZ where Evendim can be found.

PN/PB limit : The part of the war zone located between Samal and PN/PB where the desert turns into green fields. There are often fights happening in this part of the WZ.

AR (Rarely used) : Ambush Rocks, places near PN and PB in the Ignis' wz where bigs rocks can be used to hide oneself and prepare a surprise attack, hence the name.

Close/Far (gems) : Used during an invasion to talk about the gems that are respectively located the closest and the farthest of the invaded realm great wall.

Portal : The great portal of each realm, which can only be oppened once all the gems have been gathered to enter into the Dragon Cave.

Wall Tele : Teleport located near each realm's great wall. It leads next to corresponding realm's castle.

Boats : Boats that teleport you to another location when clicking on them. Four can be found in the WZ :

- Three of them lead to Central Island. (Between PN/PB (for Ignis players), PB/PP (for Syrtis players) and PP/PN (for Alsius players). )

- The fourth one is located near PP2, in Syrtian WZ. It is only usable by Alsius players and leads near PB2.


General :

CD : CoolDown, used by players to indicate they can't use a spell as it has last been used too recently. Spanish speaking players may use Rec instead, short for Recargar.

OOM : Out Of Mana

DoT : Damage Over Time. Refers to spells such as Lightning or Ice Blast , that do not deal damage in a single strike, but instead deal a specific amount of damage each second for a certain duration.

HoT : (Rarely used) Heal Over Time. Same thing as DoT, except those spells provide healing instead of damage.

CC : Crowd Control. Refers to all spells that inflict Knock, Stun, Dizzy, Immobilize, Freeze or Cannot Attack status.

AoE : Area of Effect. Refers to all spell that can hit multiple targets standing in a specific area.

Mage spells :

AD : Arcane Devotion.

AS : Ambitious Sacrifice. (Not to be confounded with Attack Speed)

EB : Energy Borrow.

BS : Beetle Swarm.

MP : Mind Push.

Ivy : Pricking Ivy.

WD : Will Domain.

TM : Time Master.

Disp : Dispel Magic.

SM : Staff Mastery, which is one of Mages' spell tree. It is more commonly used when talking about the playstyle of those that focus on that tree spell.

Conjurer Spells :

MB : Mind Blank.

SS : Steel Skin. (SS also has other uses, see below)

Sanct : Sanctuary.

LS : Life Savior.

DI : Divine Intervention. Players that are under effect of DI are commonly referred to as "DIed". Spanish or French speaking players sometimes use ID instead of DI.

Warlock Spells :

MoD : Master of Doom.

SK : SoulKeeper.

FS : Frozen Storm.

Sult(ar) : Sultar's Terror.

Warriors Spells :

SC : South Cross.

MS : Mind Squasher. Victims of this spell with often say they got "MSed". (Not to be confounded with Mouvement Speed.)

Ons : Onslaught.

Knights Spells :

Ao1 : Army of One.

PB : Precise Block. (Not to be confounded with the bridge of the same name.)

PA : Protect Ally.

SW : Shield Wall.

SS : Stars Shield. (Not to be confounded with Steel Skin or Sudden Strike. SS is used for these two spells more often than it is for Stars Shield)

Barbarians Spells :

UM : Unstoppable Madness.

RotE : Rage of the Earth.

TfB : Thirst for Blood.

OWTH : Off With Their Heads.

BA : Beast Attack.

Fulm : Fulminating.

Roar : Deafening Roar.

Archers Spells :

DS : Distracting Shot. (DS also has another use, see below)

SOTW : Son Of The Wind.

Caltrops : Caltrop's Arrow.

Retal : Retaliation.

SS : Sudden Strike. (Not to be confounded with Steel Skin or Stars Shield)

SP : Shield Piercing.

Hunters Spells :

Camo : Camouflage. Users are referred to as "Camoed".

Stalker : Stalker Surroundings. Players under the effect of this spell are referred to as "Stalkered".

CB : Cold Blood.

Conf : Confuse. Additionnaly, victims of Confuse will often say "Conf" in chat to warn their allies and try to get a dispel.

Ens : Ensnaring Arrow.

Horn/HOTW : Horn Of The Wind.

DS : Death Sentence. (Not to be confounded with Distracting shot)

Marksmen Spells :

WS : Winter Stroke.

BoW : Burst of Wind.

Lethal : Lethal Strike.

Eth : Ethereal Arrow.

RA : Recharged Arrows.