Anniversary Event 2023

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Anniversary Event 2023

Legendaries spawned by players at Ignis Gate to complete a Anniversary 2023 Event Quest.


The Anniversery Event 2023 was introduced on Wednesday, 24.05.2023 19:00 CEST with Version 1.33.17 (24.05.2023) and ends on 31.05.2023 23:59 CEST.

During the event, there is a 200% Bonus on WMC, Loot and Exp along with a 40% Ximerin Bonus.

The event starts at the Town Crier in the Main City of your realm.

Core Content

Four times a day, a Call of War will be made, which is also required to complete the 3rd Quest.



9 PM UTC (11 PM ECT)

12 AM UTC (2 AM ECT)

Community Side Event


At the start of the event, players discovered an issue preventing them from completing the "Anniversary: Call of War" Quest. At the late evening, at around 23:00 CEST, an update was scheduled to fix the issue.


Anniversary Event 2023 Overview Regnum turns 16 and we have amazing things prepared for you. In all these years, there have been many legendary players that made this game what it is today! Come and comemorate them with us.

First of all, start your journey through this event by going to the Town Crier and obtaining the first quest, which will begin by testing how much of a legend you are yourself. You'll surely won't disappoint!

While you are in the War Zone, make some time to visit the Hall of Fame and relive memories besides the Summoned Legens that you can see around the statues of our latest Champions. These legends are the players that fought the endless battles you're fightung now. TheyÄre the heroes of these lands.

After you proven yourself worthy, the Town Crier will tell you to go talk to the Noble. They are very grateful to all of those that, though the years, have given their allegiance to the realm and this is the perfect occasion to commemorate them. Take them to battle once more.

Don't forget to immortalize the moment and take a screenshot of your Summoned Legend. You could send that very capture to them! Yes! Pay close attention to our social media to see how it could be done. And make sure you spawn them when there's a confrontation around. Make them taste the battle again and complete your objectives!

And last but not least, there will be the Calls to War several times during the event. Check the quest to see when they will be made. Everyone should go to war and defeat enemies until the objective is completed. Hurry before the time runs out! Also, there will be a surprise for everyone that attended when the event ends!


The first Quest is available at the Town Crier of your City (...).

1. Anniversary: Legends


  1. Defeat 10 unique players from any enemy realm
  2. Speak to Saniur


  • Gold surprise magic gem

2. Anniversary: Memories


  1. Speak to Daracan
  2. Consume 1 Summon Legend
  3. Take screenshot
  4. Defeat 3 players from any enemy realm
  5. Speak to Daracan


  • Nobility Hat
  • 2x Summon Legend (Scroll)

3. Anniversary: Call to War


  1. Complete a Call of War


  • ??

Call to War Progress Indicator in the Ingame UI.


Nobility Hat

Nobility Hat Item Nobility Hat Skin

Summon Legend

This item can only be used at fortifications.

Gold surprise magic gem

Magic gems obtained from this box cannot be traded.

Daracan (Ignis Nobel) during the Anniversery Event 2023. Baldrik Hammerstriker (Alsius Nobel) during the Anniversary Event 2023. Ignis rushing from Samal towards Aggersborg. Auch der weltberühmte Yasar war bei dem Event anwesend und hat seine Freude kundgetan.


- manu

- Schwarzer Tee

- Redo

- Shaiko