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16.08.2015, 20:24


New version in Amun with the following changes, closer to a final version. We will still be working in some Realm Balance adjustments, which would be the last addition.

- Added: Obtaining Warmaster Coins when killing players in forts/castles/walls.
The base is 5 WMC per kill when the character is level 60. When there is negative level difference (IE: I'm level 60 and my enemy is level 55) the coins are reduced.
These coins are affected by the WMC Multipliers.
As with experience there are methods to avoid collusion and other possible abuses of this feature.
- Modified: Forts don't give WMC rewards for simply holding (because of obtaining them killing players). There are still rewards for getting a Relic out of the cage and for Invading (or avoiding them).
- Fixed: Disconnection after choosing a respawn point while affected by the Cremation spell.
- Fixed: Tenax and Vesper Dragon Sets for Warriors were indicating "Hit chance" instead of "Critical chance" in their descriptions. Anyway, the modifier applied was the correct one.
- Modified: Gold rewards from Treasure Chests in all the world are now enhanced.
- Minor visual and texts bugfixes.

Quelle: http://www.championsofregnum.com/forum/s…0&postcount=219
5 WMC für nen Kill? Na gute Nacht, da spielste dich ja dumm und dämlich für den Schmuck 8|
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16.08.2015, 21:20

Naja dann vibts noch den 3 fach booster
Sind 15 wmc pro gegner
Schnorrst brav und schon gehts bei gute schlachten um einiges schneller als mit den forts


17.08.2015, 22:25



Here are a list of changes we applied today:

- Modified: War Confidence gives different bonuses depending on building and imbalance level.
* In Realm Walls, it can give 50% Health and 20% Main Attribute.
* In certain cases it also can give +100% Warmaster Coins for killing players in any fort/castle/wall.
- Modified: Rewards in forts/castles/walls require participating in killing a player to count as combat activity.
- Minor visual and texts bugfixes.

We will continue with some other realm balance changes and we'll be one step away of launching this version.


18.08.2015, 11:24

Neuer WMC Booster:

2 neue Pets

Das Fenster aufmachen ist ja schon Episch
Aber nach drausen in die Sonne gehen ist Legendär